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Spotlight: Carnival fun provides help for those in need. A Catholic Tradition takes place at St. Gabriel with a parade and the burying of the Alleluia.

A carnival provides fun for our students, yet provides help for those who are less fortunate. The Mardi Gras Mission Carnival was held and raised money for Elba’s Orphans (an organization that aids orphans living in poverty in Venezuela).


Burying the Alleluia:  Students from each classroom created a float along with an Alleluia poster, then had a procession throughout the school, ending with a gathering in the gym for a Gospel reading and a final singing of the Alleluia. The Alleluia posters were then placed in a “coffin” until Easter. The practice of burying the Alleluia enriches and shapes prayer and the sense of discipline as we anticipate Easter. It is a kind of fasting — letting the “Alleluia” lie dormant before the burst of joyful affirmation of the Resurrection again.





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