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Spotlight: Good Job Francis House on your service project! Celebrating Baptism; 2nd Grade Reading Celebrations

Congratulations to Francis House for picking a great service project! A collection of needed items was taken up for the Wildlife Rescue Center located in Ballwin, MO. Making a difference in the lives of God’s creatures!

Celebration Mass for those baptized in the months of August and September.

Messengers of Christ

Grade 2 celebrates the end of their reading, writing, and phonics units. They read to their 8th grade buddies, read with their peers and shared silly rhymes with classmates.


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Jungle Walk

St Gabriel’s first sensory path is up and running. Called the Jungle Walk, this is a set of activities for students to walk, hop, touch, and sit. All are part of purposeful play. The set of movements activates and helps moderate students’ responses to the sensory stimulation he or she experiences in a day at school. It can help them regulate their bodies to get rid of some “jiggles”, refocus their attention, and generally feel better.

Thank you to parent volunteers who are occupational therapists who helped put the “purpose” in the play, leading us to know which activities to use and how to use them: Darcy Garavaglia, Amy Hasman, and Kristin Busch. Thank you to art teacher, Jenn Bolesta, who made the Jungle Walk so creative, colorful, and fun. Thank you to the students who volunteered to be in the video to show other students how it’s done.