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Spotlight: Veteran’s Day; Writing Celebrations! Saints Alive!

Veteran’s were honored with an all school Mass. Students were able to sit with their military family members. During offertory, students brought up personal care items that will be donated to John Cochran VA Hospital. After Mass, veterans were invited to the school cafeteria for a reception with treats and a guest speaker.

Writing Celebrations were a huge success! Parents were invited to their child’s classroom where their child was able to share their writing with them. It was great to see all the smiles!

Saints Alive! Press their orange button and they come to life and tell their story! Good job 3rd Grade, what a wonderful performance portraying your saint!


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Phonics Celebration!!!

2nd Grade students paraded around school to help spread the word about “Saving the Endangered Animals.” This ties in with what they also learned about words. Gus (the phonics mascot) taught the students about animals and the students taught Gus about tricky, long words.


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